Business mentoring + copywriting for biz owners kicking their cookie-cutter habit.

Have you noticed there’s a cookie-cutter epidemic in the online business world? It shows up in Facebook groups, Pinterest, Instagram, sales pages for programs and courses, and even your inbox.

Super successful online business owners tell you EXACTLY what they did to become successful.

They give you all the “best practices” that helped them make roughly a bazillion dollars.

So you follow their advice. You implement their strategies because they’re successful, so obviously they know how to run a business.

And you’re right. They know how to run THEIR business, but they DON’T know how to run YOUR business.

And that’s the problem. That’s why none of their strategies have worked for you. That’s why, no matter what you do, you can’t make your business work.

That’s why Featherwild is here – to help you discover how to run and market your business in a way that’s aligned with YOU.


Feel like you just found your tribe? Then poke around the site to see what all we have on tap. But first, I’d suggest hitting these three pages:

Learn About Featherwild

Wondering what Featherwild stands for, why it’s here, and who’s behind it? Click here to answer those burning questions.

Business Mentoring

Looking for some support as you rediscover, realign, and retool your current business? My business mentoring packages may be just what you need. Click here to check them out.

Read the Blog

The Featherwild blog covers topics like failure in online business, faith, how to rework cookie-cutter strategies, and business + motherhood. Head there now to read the latest and start learning + growing.

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