Ah the sales funnel. I would say it’s like the unicorn of the online business world…but perhaps it would be more accurate to say that a PROFITABLE sales funnel is the unicorn of the online business world.

The thing about sales funnels in the online business world today is that EVERYONE has one. They’re kind of like noses now.

And because EVERYONE has a sales funnel, you can be sure that there are a lot of people who are screwing up their sales funnel. In fact, if you’re doing any of the three things below, then you are one of them.

But don’t worry! I’ve included a fix with each problem, so you can whip your sales funnel into shape and get a unicorn of your own.


You’re Selling Too Early

If the first email in your sales funnel is actually selling to people, you’re doing it wrong. Yes, ideally sales funnels are meant to sell things, but you can’t do that right off the bat.

If you start selling to your audience in the first email, it’s like you saying, “Hey! I just met you, and this is crazy. But here’s who I am and what I do. Now buy my $4,000 package, maybe?”

And your audience’s answer to that is going to be, “Nope.” They’ll move on faster than you can say, “But I really need your money.”

The Fix

So, what’s an online business owner to do? Put the brakes on selling in the first few emails, that’s what. You want people to be comfortable with you before you pitch them anything, even if it’s a $12 tripwire product.

Instead of starting your sales funnel by talking about how great your product or service is, start by talking about the opt-in that your audience just got. Check in with them and make sure they got it and give them the space to work through it. You can even walk them through the opt-in if it isn’t self-explanatory.

If your opt-in is self-explanatory, then you can give them the next baby step in your first sales email. And then give them the next baby step in the following email, probably throwing in some info about who you are and what you do if you haven’t by now.


You Focus Too Much on Selling

“But Ardelia, this is a SALES funnel.”

To which I say, “You can’t sell to people if you can’t connect with them.”

Focusing too much on selling in your sales funnel is a huge no-no. Yes, it’s important to let people know about your services or products and how they’ll change lives or businesses.

But making that the whole focus of your sales funnel will leave you frustrated and your calendar empty. It’s time to put selling on the back burner of your sales funnel.

The Fix

So if you’re not supposed to focus entirely on selling in your sales funnel, then what ARE you supposed to focus on?

Connection. Good old-fashioned human connection, and if you create your sales funnel correctly, you’ll have a connection creator on your hands. (The cool thing is it will be on auto-pilot!)

Remember this – connection trumps sales, because if you can’t connect with someone, you can’t sell to them.

So instead of making selling the focus of your funnel, think about your audience and how you can connect with them. If you’ve been where they are, use that knowledge in your funnel.

Tell your audience you’ve been there. Show them you know what it’s like by opening up and sharing your negative/frustrating (or on the other side happy/exciting) experiences. That lets your audience see you’re human and you get them.


You’re Not Enticing

Probably one of the least talked-about ways you’re screwing up your sales funnel is that you’re making it a snoozefest for your audience. And the main reason you’re doing this is because you don’t want your audience to think you’re selling to them.

So you try to be suave and clever about it and just ending up falling on your face. (Been there, done that.)

Let me clue you in a little. YOUR AUDIENCE KNOWS YOU’RE SELLING TO THEM.

Trust me, they do. Sales funnels have been overused in the online business world, and it shows.

Now when we give up our email address for a free resource, we KNOW with 100% certainty that we’ve been tagged, segmented, targeted, and added to someone’s sales funnel. We’ll also probably see their Facebook ads later.

All you have to do is sit back and wait for the funnel to come to you, email after email, day after day. We’ve pretty much become numb to sales funnels because EVERYONE has a funnel, and they’re pretty much written in the same boring way.

Do you know what people who are bored or uninterested in your emails do? Unsubscribe and delete. And while that can help you weed out your audience, it’s not good if everyone is doing it.

The Fix

So, if you want to actually sell through your funnel, wake your audience up! Throw your personality (or your brand’s personality) in there.

Make things snappy. Get on the level with your audience and let them know that yes, you have something to sell (because they know it’s coming).

And get rid of the fluff! Most of the time sales funnels are full of fluff and don’t give any extra or valuable information. Don’t be a fluff-monster sales funnel creator.

Give your audience the meat (or tofu if you’re vegetarian) that they’re looking for. They WANT you to give them awesome info that they can use and build on. They’re rooting for you.

And you let them down when you put fluff into your sales funnels. So to get rid of the fluff, give your audience crazy-valuable info in your funnel that will help them get some wins under their belt but won’t render you or your services/products useless.

You can also include pictures of you, your hobbies, what you love doing, etc. to give your audience a better idea of who you are.


Rock Your Sales Funnel

Keep these tips in mind when you write your next sales funnel, and you’ll be well on your way to crafting a connection creating, meat-dishing, money-making sequence.

But if you still aren’t sure about writing your own sales funnel, check out my sales funnel copywriting package. It’s a done-for-you solution that will lower your stress level and increase your connections and profits.

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