Sales funnels are now part of standard online business operations, and for good reason. A well-written sales funnel that has solid strategy behind it can be a huge help with bringing in clients.

But not all sales funnels are successful. In fact, you may be sitting there with a sales funnel that’s not doing anything for your business or bank account. I get it, because I was there with almost all of mine.

The thing that no one tells you is that you can’t just create an opt-in, write a funnel, and sell stuff. It doesn’t quite work like that. There are other factors you have to consider when creating (and marketing) a sales funnel.

So if your sales funnel isn’t working, it may be time to figure out whether or not one of these reasons is the culprit.


You’re Not Marketing It

Sales are a numbers game. You’re not going to get every single person who enters your funnel to buy from you. In fact, only a small percentage of people who enter your funnel will end up buying anything. (Think like 1-10%).

So it follows that if you want to make more money with your funnel, you’ve got to market your opt-in or lead magnet. If you only have 2 or 3 people going through your sales funnel each month, it might take you a year or more to sell anything with that funnel.

If your sales funnel isn’t bringing you any clients ask yourself what you’re doing to market your opt-in.

Are you sharing it with a guest post? Are you posting it on your Facebook page? Are you pinning it or Instagramming it?

Find out where your audience is and then share your opt-in there. The goal is to get as many eyeballs on your opt-in as possible, because no traffic to your sales funnel = no sales.


You’re Selling Too Much

If you DO have people in your sales funnel but you’re still not making any sales the problem could be that you’re actually selling TOO much.

It’s kind of counterintuitive on the surface, but when you think about it, things fall into place. I mean, would YOU want to stay subscribed to an email sequence where every email started with “Buy my $5,000 package! Only 45 days left until this offer expires, and I’m planning to email you every day!”

I would be outta there faster than you can say “But wait! There’s more!”

So instead of selling all the things all the time in your funnel, focus on giving your audience information they can use. Ideally this should build on the opt-in or lead magnet that you created.

The main thing to understand is that your funnel is actually a journey. You’re the Sam to their Frodo. How do you think Frodo would’ve felt on his way to Mordor if Sam was just trying to sell him on essential oils or tupperware the whole way? I doubt Sam would’ve made it longer than a day before he had an “accident”.

Your audience doesn’t want to be sold to ALL the time. First they need your help and support. Walk with them on their journey for a while before you pitch your product or service. They’ll be more receptive, and you (and your business) will make it out alive…monetarily speaking.


No One Wants Your Opt-In

Do you even market test, bro?

For reals though, y’all. Do people even want your opt-in? Is this something they’ve been asking for or is it something you THINK they need?

Because the line between want and need is sometimes as wide and deep as the Grand Canyon. And you’re losing your audience down there.

You can have the most AMAZING sales funnel (like one written by moi), and still not sell anything because your opt-in is a snoozefest.

So before you completely overhaul everything look at your opt-in and ask yourself these question:

Does my opt-in solve a problem my audience currently has?
Is this something my audience finds useful?
Is it clear what my opt-in does?
Does my audience understand what the opt-in will do for them?

You can even post in business-focused Facebook groups and ask for feedback on your opt-in.

(And don’t be slimy about this. Just post what your opt-in is called and give a brief description of it and see if people are interested in it or if they want something else. Leave the links at home unless you have permission to post them.)


No One Wants Your Product/Service

Again, do you even market test? If you haven’t run your product or service by your audience first, it could be that there isn’t enough interest for you to successfully book your offer.

You could have an amazing opt-in and a great funnel, but if the end of the funnel is something that your audience isn’t excited about, don’t be surprised if you don’t make sales.

You need to make sure that there’s a market for your product or service, and you do that by market testing. Yes, you can always create an exact copy of someone else’s package or product and sell that, but then that raises questions like

Is their product or service profitable? (Remember, just because they have it listed online doesn’t mean they’re selling it).
Are they actually giving their clients or customers what they NEED? (Again, just because someone has a package listed on their website doesn’t mean they cover all their clients’ bases.)

So instead of looking to see what Sally Moneypants is doing, look at your audience and get to know them so you can figure out what would work best for them. If you can create a product or service that addresses their problems, you’ll sell that faster than Ms. Moneypants can say “Keep the change.”


You’re Using Too Much Fluff

For the love of all that is meaty, PLEASE stop using fluff in your sales funnels. (And for that matter, stop putting it in your website copy and sales pages.)

Fluff is the killer of sales, patience, profits, and connections. Fluff is a destroyer wrapped in cotton balls and airiness. It’s a time and space waster.

And it’s time you stop using it. So what is fluff? It’s stuff you put in your copy to make it longer or to make it sound more important. It doesn’t really add anything to your copy or to your audience’s lives. It just takes up space.

Fluff is the equivalent of this scene from The Emperor’s New Groove:

Just cut to the chase and don’t use fluff. It’s ok if your emails or blog posts or website copy is short. There’s no word count requirement here.


Selling Is Simple

And there you have it. Those are the top 5 reasons why your sales funnel isn’t working. Did any of those reasons stick out to you? It might be worth investigating it and seeing where that takes you.

The truth is that selling is super simple. We just like to overcomplicate it because we don’t believe it can really be as easy as showing our audience we understand their problem and then showing them our solution.

Are you ready to simplify your sales funnel while increasing its effectiveness? Then you’re probably a great candidate for my sales funnel package. It’s a done-for-you service that creates a seamless funnel that takes your audience from point A to point B with fun, personality, and value.

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