Welcome to Featherwild! I’m so glad you’re here. And since you’re here right now, I’m inviting you to stay for a while. Kick off your shoes and make yourself at home here.

You’ve probably been to the homepage and seen all the magical free resources I have for you. (If you haven’t, be sure to check them out before you leave.)

And now you’re probably wondering who’s behind Featherwild and what this is all about. I think that’s my cue to talk about how I got here and why I’m doing this.

Meet Ardelia

As you can see, I don’t take things too seriously. In fact, I’ve lightened up over the past year. Failure will do that to a gal.

You know all those people who start online businesses and are like “What if I don’t make it? What if my business fails?” And everyone else comes in and says, “You won’t fail. You can do this!”

Well…I proved them wrong. I failed.

Long story short, I started a copywriting business three years ago and struggled and struggled and struggled to make a profit, not to mention money. The really frustrating thing was that I was using all of the same strategies as the rest of the online business world.

But while they saw #allthemoney and #alltheclients I saw a trickle. I saw just enough to keep me stressed, scared, and anxious.

I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. In fact, I was actually doing everything right (according to conventional business wisdom). I had all the strategies. I had all the skills. But I had almost zero clients. Surprisingly, I limped along for 3 years before I realized that it was time to pull the plug.

Ironically, the lessons I learned from that experience inspired me to start Featherwild.

Human Design + Alignment Save the Day

The key thing I learned from my first business is that alignment is everything, especially when it comes to human design.

What’s human design? It’s God’s blueprint for you. The human design chart shows you how you’re built from an energetic standpoint. It’s a way of looking at how your energy interacts with the world. It also shows you what your soul purpose is.

When I started my first business, I knew nothing about human design. So I ran that business from a “Just do it” mentality. I did all the things. I initiated everything. I went out and carped the diem.

But things didn’t work. And they didn’t work because my actions (e.g. initiating, doing all the things, seizing the day) weren’t aligned with my human design strategy.

After realizing that I had been living a completely unaligned life (no wonder things were super hard and almost no fun), I made a conscious effort to decondition myself. I stopped listening to what society said was right (e.g. work all the time, initiate, etc.).

Instead, I started to live according to my human design strategy, and things began to flow into place. I found the mythical land of alignment that I thought was only attainable by yogis and woke people.

When I saw the profound impact that my alignment by design created, I knew I had to share this knowledge with others. (Sharing my experiences is in my human design, after all. Alignment for the win.)

Busting #AlltheMyths

That’s why I started Featherwild. I wanted to provide other soulful women the opportunity to discover their human design and to understand how to live according to their strategy, not our culture’s misguided attitude of work hard, seize the day, and intiate everything. I wanted to support women as they stepped into alignment and began to run their businesses in an aligned way.

I’ve experienced firsthand the joy, ease, peace, and flow that alignment brings. I’ve seen it in both my life and in my business. I’m so much happier now that I understand how I’m supposed to live and interact with the world.

I’d love to support you as you discover your human design and step into a life and business that’s fully aligned. This is your cordial invitation to open yourself to 1:1 support, growth, ease, and alignment.

Will you accept your invitation? If you feel that soul tug to work with me, just click the button below to learn more about my services. I hope to chat with you soon.

And if you need more time before you decide, I’d love to invite you to poke around Featherwild. There’s no rush. I’m here when you need me.

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