Hey there! I hope you feel like you’re being wrapped in a warm, fuzzy cotton ball right about now, because that’s my intention behind this. (That would totally be my Libra rising talking. My Capricorn moon is all like, “Somebody get her emotions under wraps.”)

Anywho, I’m so glad you’re here, and I hope you’ll stay a while and poke around the site. If you’re wondering who I am, what I do, and why I do it, then you’re in the right place.

About Ardelia

Before you hear my story, check out some basics about me. Think of this as Ardelia 101.

Sun sign: Taurus
Rising: Libra
Moon: Capricorn


What this means for you

I’m stable, dependable, and practical. But I’m also warm and friendly around people, and I make friends easily. I’ll work my tail off for you and send you all the hugs you could possibly want. But I’ll also do the same for tough love. See that Capricorn moon? I don’t allow my emotions to cloud things up too often, so if you want sympathy, you’ll get it, but there won’t be bucketloads of it. You can cry on my shoulder, but after that, we’re going to dust you off and get back to work.

Human design type: Projector
Soul’s purpose: Direction + guiding others to find their paths
Defined centers: Throat and Identity


What this means for you

I can see the big picture, and I’m here to guide you to your path. (Seriously. Everyone’s soul purpose is in their human design. Mine is about direction and guiding people.) Because I’m a projector, I intuitively understand and read people well. I rock in 1:1 settings because that’s just how my aura works.

Also, I only have two defined centers in my human design chart, so I really can pick up what you’re energetcially putting out. I can feel your emotions and your fears. I can pick up on your thoughts and understand your desire and drive to work. That works well for you because it means that I intuitively know what you need to move foward. A connection that intimate (and working with projectors is always intimate) works in your favor.

You won’t get away with much because I understand you. (And really, if you want to grow and do the deep work, that’s a good thing.)

Favorite things to do: Write creatively, read, and rock out to oldies

How this impacts you: I will send you Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter Gifs. I will also reference them at least once a week.

The What and The Why


What I Do


Mentoring: I support my clients as they discover their human design and what it means to live in alignment with their strategy. I guide them as they learn how to work with their energy. When you start living with your human design strategy, it really is creating a whole new way of life, and that takes time and support. Learn more about my mentoring services here.

Content Strategy: I also guide my clients as they learn how to create an aligned (and FUN) content strategy. It’s not always easy for people to ese the big picture and create content systems. That’s where I come in. My systems are simple and easy-to-use, and they help my clients stay on schedule and get the most from their content. Learn more about my content strategy services here.


Why I Do It


I love guiding people, and I can usually see what the best next step is for them. (When I was a kid, I would tell people what to do all the time. Turns out I’m not really bossy. I just saw what no one else did – the best things to do.)

I also want my clients to experience the amazing benefits that come with living in alignment with their human design and working with their energy. Things usually become so much easier – business growth, marketing, even life itself has the potential to change.

I’m a systems person, and inefficiency is something that I loathe (just ask my husband any time I have to deal with the government). I can look at a system, and after poking around in it for a bit, come up with a solution that makes things easier for everyone. And really, business owners can’t afford to have inefficient systems, especially when it comes to their content.

This is my soul’s purpose, and I’ve finally found what I enjoy and what I’m good at. It uses all my strengths for the good of all. I think the more important question is “How can I not do this?”

Ready to learn how I can support + guide you? Check out my services!

From Freelancer to Mentor + Guide

(Get ready for a story. My Gate 56 is all like “Time to tell a story! YAY!”)

I started this business in January 2018 after a really rough 2017. See, Featherwild is my second business because my first one didn’t work out so great.

I started my first business, which was a copywriting business, in 2014. I had just moved from Texas to Michigan with my husband an then 9-month-old daughter. I had no connections in Michigan and no work experience. But I did have a BA and MA in English. So I decided to put those degrees to use as a freelance writer and later as a copywriter.

And it freaking sucked. Seriously, I hated being a freelance writer. Being a copywriter was a little better, but it still felt like hard, draining work.

Actually, everything about my copywriting business felt hard – marketing myself, booking clients, doing the work. It was a massive struggle. I was anxious and stressed all the time. And I wasn’t making a whole lot of money – just enough to squeak by most of the time.

So in 2017, I decided that things would be different. I diligently followed conventional online business marketing strategies…and things still didn’t work out. In fact, I booked fewer clients in 2017 than I did in 2016…and I was following all the right strategies.

I was heartbroken. I was heading into 2018 knowing how to run a business, knowing all the strategies…but still unsuccessful.

My mentor then mentioned something called human design. She said that I was a projector, and I said, “Ok.” and then promptly forgot about it. Well, over Christmas I got the idea for another business, for Featherwild.

I wanted to help women avoid my fate of doing all the right things and still failing. (Little did I know how much human design would play into this business back then.) So in January, I officially opened the doors to Featherwild.

It’s changed a lot since January, but the mission here has remained the same – to guide women as they find their own unique path.


Human Design + Alignment

Over 2018, I worked with my human design type (projector) and strategy (wait for the invitation). The more comfortable I became with them, the more things opened up for me. Running this business didn’t feel difficult at all. In fact, I actually enjoyed it.

And this blew my mind, because I had only experienced business as hard, stressful, and frustrating. But working with my human design meant that I was able to run Featherwild from a place of alignment. Things were easier, and they just came to me.

Now, was it always rainbows and unicorns? Nope. I had to adjust to living and working with my energy, but I’m so glad I did, because that enabled me to discover more about myself (like my soul’s purpose) and how I wanted to live.

Ready to Learn How to Use Your Projector Energy?

Then it’s time for you, dear projector, to join The Projector Pivot Challenge. This 5-email challenge will hit your inbox over 15ish days. 

Each email covers one step in the process that projectors need to use to work with their energy and live in alignment with their strategy of waiting for an invitation. 

In this challenge we’ll cover…

  1. What it means to be a projector (helloooo invitations!)
  2. Why + HOW you need to wait for those invitations
  3. How to accept an invitation using your authority
  4. How to avoid bitterness (because it can completely derail your projector energy)
  5. How to harness your energy + let your aura do the heavy lifting

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