This is the place where failure + struggle become a lesson.

I’m on a mission to transform the online business world by starting and maintaining healthy conversations around business failure and struggles.

I’m also determined to see the end of “one-size-fits-all” business and marketing strategies. Because let’s be honest, they don’t work for everyone.

And if you’re here, then there’s a good chance these strategies haven’t worked for you, either.

(Wait! Did she just imply that her business FAILED?)

Yes. I did. And you know what?

You’re not the only one who’s struggling.

There are other business owners out there who are in the same boat you’re in. They’ve tried everything. In fact, they’ve probably tried everything TWICE, and nothing has worked.

But no one’s talking about it for fear of looking like a failure.

Let me give you a little friend-to-friend advice: There shouldn’t be any fear in failing. Instead, there should be fear of not admitting and learning from our failures.

Failure is a growth opportunity

It all depends on how you view failure. Is it the end of the world, or is it an opportunity to learn and grow? (Psst. Pick the second option.)

The Free Spirit Behind Featherwild

I’m Ardelia Lee, and you better believe I know what it’s like to struggle and struggle and STRUGGLE to run an online business. I started my first business in 2015. I didn’t know anything about running an online business, so I learned as I went, picking up various business tips and marketing strategies from online gurus.

Over the years, I managed to get some clients, but I never had the crazy-awesome success that seemed so easy for others. I followed all the business and marketing “best practices” like posting in Facebook groups consistently, working on mindset, hiring a business coach, creating an opt-in with a sales funnel, etc.

And NOTHING worked the way it did for other people. My results were minuscule compared to the results others reported. I struggled in this vein for almost 2 years.

And then came November 2017. I decided to create a last-ditch effort to book clients for my business. That effort consisted of two challenges (one challenge by myself and one I hosted but invited other people to collaborate on) and nothing worked.

My challenges returned dismal results, and no one booked a service. It was at that point that I realized my first business wasn’t salvageable. So I closed it with tons of tears, heartache, and if we’re being honest…resentment and jealousy.

But my story (obviously) didn’t end there. I founded Featherwild on January 1, 2018, and it’s been a completely different story with this business.

With Featherwild, I did things in a way that felt more intuitive to me. I never liked (or felt right) doing high-pressure sales posts/emails/etc. So I haven’t done any of them.

I never liked posting consistently on social media, so I don’t. I post when I have something to say, and I get better engagement.

I changed the way I ran Featherwild, and that’s changed EVERYTHING.

And that’s what I want to do for you – help you evaluate and change the way you run and market your business so that it’s more aligned with YOU.

Core Values

These four values drive everything I do in Featherwild and my life.

Love + Serve God

Featherwild is first and foremost a Christian business. That means that I put God first in my life and business, and I live according to His Word. I’ll also pray for and with my clients from time-to-time.

It’s my hope that while you’re here, you’ll find some soul food and learn more about God. He’s given me this crazy-amazing adventure in online business, and while it’s been tough at times, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


Growth is a huge part of my mission, both personally and professionally. I want to continue to grow personally and spiritually. I also want my community and clients to experience this personal, professional, and spiritual growth.

To that end, don’t be surprised if I challenge you and push you juuuuust outside of your comfort zone. I’m all for comfort zones, but we should step outside them every now and then to stretch ourselves and our limits.

The thing about growth is that sometimes it’s painful and other times it’s uncomfortable. But if we stick with it, we’ll be better prepared for our God-given adventure.


Featherwild is a place to let loose, really be yourself, and experience God’s love. You can let your guard down and admit to what’s not working. You can even let go of what’s not working. You can release the restraints you’ve placed on yourself.

I’m willing to bet that you’re trying so hard to push yourself and your business into a box it doesn’t fit in. That ends here. Those restraints come off now. Here you can be free to discover what works for you and let go of what doesn’t.


Believe it or not, being in business is an adventure. And you’re probably using someone else’s map to find your way through your own adventure. (Do you see why those cookie cutter strategies aren’t working?)

It’s time to make your own map. It’s time to go exploring. It’s time to leave that beaten path and blaze your own trail. And you won’t do it alone. I’ll be with you every step of the way.

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