Say goodbye to cookie-cutter strategies and hello to what works for YOU.

You tried those cookie cutter business and marketing strategies. They worked amazingly well for everyone else, but you’re still waiting for the USS Success to arrive at your port.

Every day, you wake up thinking “This is it. Things will be different today.” And inevitably nothing changes. You still don’t see the success that you want and NEED.

And, understandably, you’re frustrated. As awesome as it is to see others in the online business world succeed, you keep thinking “When is it going to be MY turn?”

You’re probably a little scared, too. You’re constantly haunted by those “what if” questions. “What if my business doesn’t work out?” “What if I can’t find any clients this month?”

Maybe you’re even resentful or jealous of other business owners who seem to be able to make things work with the exact same strategies that have gotten you nowhere. (I know I was.)

These uber successful biz owners have done things like:

Show up consistently in Facebook groups
Work harder and longer
Hire a business coach
Work on mindset and confidence
Post consistently on Instagram
Pin everything on Pinterest all the time
Email their list consistently (like once a week or more)
Blog or release a new video or podcast episode regularly

And their business has grown like crazy.

You, on the other hand, have had crickets…and you’ve done the EXACT same thing.

So you’re left thinking, “What the freaking heck?! Is there something wrong with me?”

I’m happy to report that there’s nothing wrong with you. But there IS something wrong with HOW you run and market your business.

Here’s the deal…

You aren’t everyone else.

And if you aren’t everyone else, then that begs the question:

Why are you running your business like everyone else?

And I know the answers because all of them were ones I gave at one point or another.

You’re running your business like everyone else because it’s worked for them. You’re too scared to do your own thing. You don’t know how to do your own thing.

But the big reason you’re running your business like everyone else is that you don’t know how to run a business in a way that’s aligned with your life. And that’s not your fault. I bet no one’s sat down with you and helped you figure out what an aligned business looks like.

Well, not until now.

Business Mentoring Packages

Let’s start with what you get and then dive into how this is going to shake everything up for you (in a totally awesome way).

Biz Evaluation

90-minute business evaluation

Business Evaluation Workbook

Recommendations for business changes, alignment, and improvement


SOS on Demand

90-minute business evaluation and kickoff meeting

Business Evaluation Workbook

Growth tracker

Trello or Asana templates

Voxer support for 3 months

3 months of support

Paid in full – $798 ($299/month)


90-minute business evaluation and kickoff meeting

Business Evaluation Workbook

Brand evaluation

Personalized marketing strategy

Monthly 60-minute video call

Growth tracker

Trello or Asana templates

Voxer support between calls

3 or 6-month support options

3-month support paid-in-full – $2,677 (or $959/month)

6-month support paid-in-full – $5,354 (or $959/month)

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Wait. What’s an Info Jam? It’s a time for you + me to sit down and get to know each other. We’ll figure out whether or not I’m the right mentor for you and which package fits you best.

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Let’s Go Deeper. What Does That Stuff Look Like?


Our first call will be a 90-minute kickoff and business evaluation meeting. During this video chat, we’ll discuss your business, what’s working, what’s not working, what strategies you’ve tried, your frustrations, experiences, etc.

This helps me get the full picture of both you and your business, so I can see where things need to improve and where they need to change. Based on this evaluation, I’ll come back with recommendations and suggestions for aligning your business more to your personality, goals, and lifestyle.

Over the 3-6 months that we work together, we’ll work on implementing these recommendations and tweaking your business so it’s fully aligned and running the way YOU want it.


The brand evaluation is a report I create for you based on my observations of your brand and its online presence. What I’m looking for in this report is consistency, alignment (how well your brand executes its voice), connection with clients, engaging visuals, etc.

Based on this report, we’ll talk about ways you can improve your brand to help it stand out and connect more deeply with your audience.


Wondering what a marketing strategy is? It outlines how you and your business show up online. It covers things like when to post where, what to post, how to connect with clients, and how to grow your business through visibility opportunities.

Your personalized marketing strategy will be created during our time together. We’ll create it based on what IS working for you and your business and what you feel is best.

This strategy isn’t set in stone. It’s a fluid strategy that will change with your business and as we see how you and your business react to it.


Our monthly video chat is a time for us to talk strategy and evaluate what is and isn’t working for your business. We’ll discuss what plans you have coming up and how you’re going to execute them.

This call is also a time for us to tackle non-marketing-related issues like mindset and confidence challenges, content brainstorming, business systems, and standard operating procedures. You’ll get suggestions tailored specifically for you and your business. (Remember, you’ve already tried cookie cutter.)


The growth tracker is a spreadsheet tool that enables you to track your business’s growth month-to-month so you can ensure everything is, in fact, growing. It tracks things like social media account growth, income, expenses, number of clients, number of subscribers, etc.

There’s also a place for you to note what actions you took each month so you can more easily see which actions are benefitting your business and which actions aren’t. This is powerful for ensuring that you’re doing the RIGHT things in your business.


Need a little help getting organized? I have Trello and Asana templates at the ready. We’ll build your new business and marketing strategy in either Trello or Asana, depending on which one you prefer.

This will give us a clear view of what changes, tasks, and strategies we’re implementing and how effective they are. Whichever tool you choose will be our HQ for our time together. It’s where everything comes together in an easy-to-understand way.


If you don’t know what Voxer is, it’s a voice-messaging app, similar to a walkie-talkie (but without the static or accidental police frequency interference).

Voxer is great for sending voice or text messages when you need some extra support between calls. Run into a problem? Vox me. Feeling frustrated and don’t know what to do? Vox me. Have a great idea about content? Vox me.

Voxer makes communication between calls simple and efficient, and it’s great for those of us who are auditory processors.

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The biz chiropractor is in the house.

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I’m gonna let you in on a secret…

You’re not the only one who’s struggling.

Hey! I’m Ardelia Lee, and you better believe I know what it’s like to struggle and struggle and STRUGGLE to run an online business. I started my first business in 2015. I didn’t know anything about running an online business, so I learned as I went, picking up various business tips and marketing strategies from online gurus.

Over the years, I managed to get some clients, but I never had the crazy-awesome success that seemed so easy for others. I followed all the business and marketing “best practices” like posting in Facebook groups consistently, working on mindset, hiring a business coach, creating an opt-in with a sales funnel, etc.

And NOTHING worked the way it did for other people. My results were minuscule compared to the results others reported. I struggled in this vein for almost 2 years.

And then came November 2017. I decided to create a last-ditch effort to book clients for my business. That effort consisted of two challenges (one challenge by myself and one I hosted but invited other people to collaborate on) and nothing worked.

My challenges returned dismal results, and no one booked a service. It was at that point that I realized my first business wasn’t salvageable. So I closed it with tons of tears, heartache, and if we’re being honest…resentment and jealousy.

But my story (obviously) didn’t end there. I founded Featherwild on January 1, 2018, and it’s been a completely different story with this business.

With Featherwild, I did things in a way that felt more intuitive to me. I never liked (or felt right) doing high-pressure sales posts/emails/etc. So I haven’t done any of them.

I never liked posting consistently on social media, so I don’t. I post when I have something to say, and I get better engagement.

I changed the way I ran Featherwild, and that’s changed EVERYTHING.

And that’s what I want to do for you – help you evaluate and change the way you run and market your business so that it’s more aligned with YOU.

Is Business Mentoring for Me?

My business mentoring services may be a good fit for you if

  • You’ve tried almost every business and marketing strategy under the sun with dismal results.
  • You can’t seem to make your business work, no matter how much time, effort, or money you put into it.
  • You’re ready to run your business in a way that’s completely aligned with you and your life (no more doing things because you “should” or “need to”).
  • You’re ready to make some changes in your mindset.
  • You’re ready to redefine what running a successful business looks like.
  • You’re willing to experiment and keep trying until you find what works for your business.

My business mentoring services may not be a good fit for you if

  • You’re not ready to change the way you run and market your business.
  • You’re unwilling or unable to make the financial commitment for my services.
  • You don’t want to change your mindset.
  • You’re comfortable continuing to follow the strategies that aren’t working for your business.
  • You’d rather complain than figure out what’s not working and fix it.

Wait. Your first business failed. Why should I listen to you?

Ah, the old “I can only learn from successful people” thinking. It’s going to bite all of us in the backside someday. The truth is that you can learn a lot from someone who’s failed. For instance, I’m Exhibit A for the fact that super effective marketing strategies don’t work the same way for everyone. All of the cookie cutter strategies are great…IF you know how to tweak them for your business. The problem is many of us don’t, and that’s part of the reason you’re here. You can’t run your business the way everyone else does. Also, I get it. I’ve been exactly where you are, and not too long ago either. Some days it still stings. So you can bet I’ll never look over my glasses at you and say “Shame on you. You obviously didn’t work hard enough.” There’s no shame, judgment, or stigma here. Only evaluating, changing, growing, and moving forward.

Can you guarantee my business’s success?

No. As much as I would love to say “You’ll be a millionaire after 6 months of working with me.” I can’t. To be honest, there might not be anything to salvage from your business, and if that’s the case, we’ll help you create a new business and build it from the ground up. My first business wasn’t salvageable. Nothing would’ve saved it, and honestly, I’m glad it didn’t work because it cleared the way for Featherwild.

What if I get the Business Evaluation and then decide I want a more hands-on mentoring package?

Well, I’d be super excited, first of all. And we’d put your payment for the Business Evaluation towards whatever package you decide you want. So your final price would be the mentoring package price minus the Business Evaluation package price.

What if I’m not ready to commit to an Info Jam, but I want more information on your services?

Feel free to email me at or shoot me a message on Facebook. I’m happy to chat with you through either service.

It’s time to let go of what’s not working and discover what does.

It’s time to run your business in a way that feels good and makes money.

It’s time to schedule an Info Jam.

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You aren’t everyone else, so why are you running your business like everyone else?

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