Do you want to figure out why those “rock solid” business strategies aren’t working for you?

Do you want to bring more flow, profits, and alignment into your business?

Are you ready to have more joy and fun in your life and business?

Then I’d love to invite you to step into the space Featherwild and I are holding for you.

You and your vision are supported here.

Hello, soulful visionary! I’m Ardelia, a copywriter and business mentor for intuitive women who are ready to find the alignment, joy, and ease they know is missing from their lives and businesses. How do I help my clients find alignment? Through human design. I use the human design system for the foundation for all of my client work.

By looking at your human design, I’m able to understand how your energy works and how you interact with the world around you on an energetic level. I’m also able to support you as you learn more about your soul purpose and how you should be making your decisions.

(Yep, all of that is found in your human design chart. Pretty cool, huh?)

If you’re ready to discover your design, step fully into alignment, and receive loving support while you do so, I invite you to click the button below to schedule an info jam with me.

This free 20-minute call will see us chatting about your human design and what our mentoring relationship would look like for you based on your design and chosen package.

I hope to chat with you soon!

Mentoring Packages

I have three packages you can choose from, so you can receive the support you need at a price that fits your budget.

Spark the Magic

90-minute business evaluation

Spark the Magic Workbook

Recommendations for business changes, alignment, and improvement


Alignment Unveiled

90-minute business evaluation and kickoff meeting

Spark the Magic Workbook

Trello templates and support

Voxer support for 6 months

6 months of business strategy, marketing, and spiritual support and guidance

Paid in full – $2,700 (or 6 payments of $500)

Embrace the Wild

90-minute business evaluation and kickoff meeting

Spark the Magic Workbook

Monthly 60-minute video call (6 calls total)

Personalized marketing strategy

Trello templates and support

Voxer support between calls

6 months of business strategy, marketing, and spiritual support and guidance

Paid in full – $6,000 (or 6 payments of $1,099)

For more information on Embrace the Wild, I invite you to click here or click the button the below.

Let’s dive into the goodies associated with Spark the Magic and Alignment Unveiled. (Remember, if you’re interested in learning more about Embrace the Magic, you’ll need to click here.)


The Spark the Magic Workbook is the basis for the 90-minute call that we’ll use to kickoff our time together. This workbook walks you through your business and marketing strategy and guides you as you look at what is and isn’t working.

But more than that, the Spark the Magic Workbook also helps you uncover your feelings towards your business and common tasks associated with it. This is a deeper dive than you’ve probably had when it comes to evaluating your business.


If you choose to Spark the Magic, you’ll receive one 90-minute video chat during which we’ll discuss your human design, your business, and where things are out of alignment. We’ll use your answers to the Spark the Magic Workbook to guide us during this call.

We’ll also tackle common roadblocks and weaknesses that you’ll likely run into based on your human design and how you can overcome them. At the end of the call, you’ll leave with actionable suggestions you can use to bring your business into alignment with your human design.


If you choose Alignment Unveiled, we’ll start our time together with a 90-minute kickoff meeting. Our 90-minute kickoff meeting is a time for us to lay the foundation for the next 6 months. During this meeting we’ll look at your human design, how you’ve been running and marketing your business, and what is and isn’t working (courtesy of the Spark the Magic Workbook)

Based on what we discover during this meeting, we’ll create new strategies and homework for you. (Homework includes things like journal prompts to help you get to the bottom of an issue.)

We’ll also use this meeting to set goals, milestones, and intentions for our time together. Remember that we’ll be working in alignment and flow, so if we decide that we need to change goals, intentions, or milestones, we can.


Voxer is the main method we’ll use for communication during our 6 months together. This awesome walkie-talkie app is available on mobile and desktop, so you can chat with me wherever you are.

We’ll use Voxer to keep you accountable for the goals and intentions you set as well as for in-the-moment support. We all have things that we need extra help working through, and Voxer support enables you to tell me all about them and receive feedback and direction.

I’ll also likely give you homework via Voxer – things like journaling, tapping, meditation, etc.


Trello is where we’ll keep track of your progress, tasks, goals, and intentions. It’s our strategic headquarters. You’ll have at least one dedicated Trello board that will include your 6-month marketing strategy.

We’ll use Trello as a map to help you meet your goals and to step into alignment. I’ll be in Trello with you, encouraging you and answering any questions you have about your strategy, tasks, or goals.

This is your moment to step into complete alignment.

This is your opportunity to receive support and guidance.

This is your invitation to discover who you are and how your energy works.

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