Ready to dip your toe into human design and bringing it into your biz?

Then let’s get started! This free mini coaching session is for you, my friend. 

How It Works

All you do is click on the button below, fill out the form, and then schedule your mini coaching session. This session is a FREE 30-minute session, during which we’ll do a brief human design read, talk about your type and strategy (and what that looks like on a daily basis), and note how you can bring them into your business. 

We’ll focus on one big area that you’ve been struggling with and address that in light of your type and strategy. So if you’re struggling to book clients, we’ll look at your human design type, what you’re currently doing to get clients, and how you can bring that current strategy into alignment with your design type. 


Book your session today. I’d love to support you!

Wait. Is it REALLY free?

Heck yes it is! This is me supporting you as you discover your human design and learn how to work with your energy. That’s it. You’re entering official no-strings-attached territory here. So click the button, sign up, and know that your life (and how you run your biz) is about to change. In the best way possible.

Wait. Who ARE you?

Fair enough question. I’d want to know who I were if I were going to work with me, too….wait. Did that even make sense? *shakes head*

Anywho, here’s a bit about me: 

I’m a human design and content strategist for intuitive entrepreneurs. That means that I support and guide biz owners as they discover their human design and how to work with their energy. I offer both business mentoring services and content strategy services, aimed at aligning things with human design. 

I’ve been part of the online business world for about 5 years now, and this is my second online business. Here’s a bit more about me, just for fun: 

Human design type: Projector
Soul’s purpose: Direction + guiding others to find their paths
Defined centers: Throat and Identity

Sun sign: Taurus
Rising: Libra
Moon: Capricorn

I can’t wait to chat with you!

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