Are you ready to unlock some magic?

Feel free to browse my services pages until you find your perfect match. I offer both business mentoring services and copywriting services for soulful, energy-conscious entrepreneurs.

Business Mentoring

Do you want to bring more ease, joy, and flow to your business?

Do you want to discover your soul purpose and bring everything into alignment with it?

I’d love to invite you to check out my business mentoring services. This is the perfect fit if you’re ready to discover your human design and step fully into alignment with it. We’ll go through your business and find what is and isn’t working (and in alignment) and tweak things until you’re in total flow.

I have three packages so you can choose your desired level of support. Just click here to learn more about my mentoring packages. If you know you want more hands-on support, then head over to my signature Embrace the Wild mentoring package.


Are you stuck when it comes to actually writing your website copy, sales page, and sales funnel?

Are you tired of writing your blog posts and email newsletters and want to hand them over to someone who totally gets you?

I’d love to invite you to check out my copywriting services. This service goes deeper than your everyday copywriting. When I write for you, I look at your human design so I can be sure that your copy energetically aligns with you.

And energetic alignment is crucial to your copy selling successfully. I’ll cover all the usual bases like tone, voice, and personality. With the addition of the human design alignment, you’ll be sure to get copy that sounds, and more importantly, feels, like you.

To learn more about my copywriting services, please click here.

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