Thinking about working with me? Awesomesauce! (Yeah, that just happened.)

I offer two broad service categories, business mentoring and content strategy. Under each category are specific packages, so feel free to choose a category and get started! (And of course I’ll help you narrow down the options.)

Business Mentoring

If you want to do the deep dive work and align your business from the inside out, then this is the service option for you. During our time together, we’ll focus on your human design and bringing your type and strategy into your business. We’ll also look at your business foundation and decide where it’s out of alignment with your type and tweak it so it fits perfectly.

From there, we’ll look at content strategy and marketing, but not until our foundational work is done and everything lines up amazingly.

Content Strategy

If your business is aligned and feels great and you’re just looking for support and guidance when it comes to content creation and planning, this is your best choice. My content strategy services take your human design into account, and from there we’ll create a 30-day plan for you. We’ll also dive into content systems using Trello.

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