Oh. My. Gosh. Becky. Look at her content strategy!

It’s like one of those 6-figure strategies.

Is that what you want people to say about your content strategy? (Go ahead. It’s totally ok to admit it.)

But you probably think that creating an effective + awesome content strategy has to take a lot of time + effort.

Well, you’d be wrong. (It’s ok. It happens to the best of us.)

Creating a content strategy that freaking rocks can actually be as easy as using an amazing template, like the one I created just for you.

If you’re ready to finally make content strategy a breeze, book more clients, and understand the purpose behind your content, then I’d love to invite you to grab my 30-day content strategy template.

The Deets

This template will walk you through creating a 30-day (or 31-day) content strategy. And it’s all super straightforward. Plus, with the supporting email sequence, which breaks the template down into 5 easy steps over 5 days, you won’t feel the teeniest bit overwhelmed.

Want to go through the template all in one sitting? I’ve included comments in the template itself that will walk you through it, so you can totes knock out your content strategy for the month all at once.

Everything is in a Google Doc, which means it’s incredibly easy to use, customize, and copy. Be sure to save it to your Google Drive before you get started!

Aaaand I created an example content strategy using the template, so you get to see what the template looks like in action.

With this template, you’ll

  • Plan your content strategy for the next 30 days
  • Learn how to create an efficient + effective strategy
  • Clarify your goals for the next 30 days
  • Save time marketing your business
  • Make content creation easier + get more from your content

Create a stellar strategy. Make them jealous.

Get your content strategy template now.

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