We’re getting into human design profiles in this episode. I’ll chat about what your human design profile is and why it matters.

Then, I’ll go through each of the 6 lines of the human design hexagram (used to make the profiles) and talk about the specific energy of each line.

Finally, I’ll talk about how to put those line energies together to create your human design profile.

Need some illustrations? I’ve got them! Just head to www.featherwildlife.com/tpl015 to see them.

Links mentioned in this episode:

MyBodyGraph – https://www.mybodygraph.com/talking-bodygraph

Understanding Human Design: The New Science of Astrology by Karen Curry

FREE Mini Coaching – https://www.featherwildlife.com/minicoaching/

Learn more about me + Featherwild at https://www.featherwildlife.com/about/

Graphics for This Episode

Wondering how you find your profile on your bodygraph? Like this.

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