Wondering what human design projectors REALLY want you to know? Well, we’re talking alll about that in this episode.

So, projectors, if you’ve been dying to tell your significant other/spouse/child/coworker what you want them to know about being a projector but haven’t been able to (probably because you didn’t have an invitation), this episode is for you! (And it’s your invitation to start that conversation…but try to give your person of interest a way to respond before you start talking to them about this.)

Other human design types, this is your starter guide to what projectors want and what they want you to know. So listen to it and use it as a starting point to talk to your projector about how you can support them.

Links mentioned in this episode:

MyBodyGraph – https://www.mybodygraph.com/talking-bodygraph

Understanding Human Design: The New Science of Astrology by Karen Curry

FREE Mini Coaching – https://www.featherwildlife.com/minicoaching/

Learn more about me + Featherwild at https://www.featherwildlife.com/about/

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