Do you want to bring more alignment, ease, and joy into your business?

Do you want to receive support, guidance, and encouragement?

Do you want to step into the life and business you’ve always dreamed of?

Then I’d love to invite you to Embrace the Wild.

Embrace the Wild isn’t your stereotypical run-of-the-mill business coaching package. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The goal of the Wild isn’t to make you filthy rich, nor is it to give you all the answers you’re seeking.

The goal is to guide you as you discover what’s aligned for you and your business and to support you as you step into that alignment based on your human design.

Alignment comes first and everything else falls seamlessly into place. It seems almost counterintuitive, but this works miracles.

What Is Human Design?

Human design is a guiding system for our lives. It tells us how our personal energy works and how we should approach life based on that. Human design also shows us our soul purpose and enables us to dive deeper into who we truly are and how we work.

It’s God’s blueprint for us, and it’s what I use to ensure that I’m mentoring you and giving you the most aligned strategy for your life and business.

Oh yeah. This isn’t just about business.

Embrace the Wild gives you the strategies, understanding, tools, and practices to bring both your life and your business into alignment.

I know, I know. Aligning your business is huge, and it’s crucial for creating easy growth and abundance, but aligning your life is just as important.

Your business and your life are intertwined, so if one is out of whack, the other feels it. It’s time to bring both into harmony with your human design and how your energy works.

If you feel that soul tug to Embrace the Wild, I’d love to invite you to schedule a free 20-minute info jam with me. We’ll chat about what Embrace the Wild could look like for you.

When you Embrace the Wild, you say yes to taking the road less traveled. You say yes to considering and claiming what’s aligned for you and what you truly want in life.

Over 6 magical months, you’ll transform your life and your business by stepping into complete alignment using your human design chart as a guide. Along the way, we’ll tackle mindset blocks, limiting beliefs, marketing and business strategy, and personal growth.

This is a mentoring package designed to support you as you discover a different way to live your life and run your business. We’re stepping into the Wild.

What is the Wild?

The Wild is where you fully discover who you are and what alignment looks like.

It’s where you change how you live.

It’s where you find joy, peace, and freedom.

It’s what you become.

So What’s Included?

Embrace the Wild includes

6 months of business strategy, marketing, and spiritual support and guidance
One 90-minute business evaluation and kickoff meeting
Spark the Magic Workbook
Co-created marketing strategy (we’ll work together and use your human design to create a strategy that’s aligned for you and your business)
Monthly 60-minute video call (6 calls total)
Trello boards and Trello support (This is where we’ll plan out your strategy and keep track of goals)
Voxer support between calls

Perks of the Wild

How will all the perks of the Wild change your life? Let’s take a look.


You’ll get the 1:1 support that will enable you to journey into the Wild and make incredible changes to your life and your business. Your mentoring support covers a wide range of topics, including business and marketing strategies, spiritual growth, limiting beliefs, mindset and confidence, and personal growth.

In each area, we’ll look for alignment – or a lack thereof – and make tweaks as necessary.


Our 90-minute kickoff meeting is a time for us to lay the foundation for the next 6 months. During this meeting we’ll look at how you’ve been running and marketing your business as well as what is and isn’t working.

Based on what we discover during this meeting, we’ll create new strategies and homework for you. (Homework includes things like journal prompts to help you get to the bottom of an issue.)

We’ll also use this meeting to set goals, milestones, and intentions for our time together. Remember that we’ll be working in alignment and flow, so if we decide that we need to change goals, intentions, or milestones, we can.


This little gem is designed to give us an overview of your business, how you’ve been running it, what is working, and what isn’t working. The Spark The Magic Workbook lays out the foundational aspects of your business in a way that’s easy to understand and shows us any weak or unaligned areas.


We’ll co-create a marketing strategy for you based on your human design and what’s aligned for you and your business. We’ll use the Spark the Magic Workbook to help us understand what you’ve already done and how that fared.

Your marketing strategy will be fluid and based on what works for you and what brings you joy. You’re not like everyone else, so your marketing strategy won’t look like everyone else’s. It will be tailored to your human design, your lifestyle, and your business.


When you Embrace the Wild, you receive one 60-minute video call each month (for a total of 6 calls). These calls are a time for us to meet in the Wild and accelerate your progress with face-to-face time.

We’ll check in on your progress, goals, and intentions first, and then we’ll dive into whatever you feel led to work through. (I’ll also have some topics to work through with you based on our between call communications.)

We can tackle an alignment problem, dive into your human design more, or brainstorm content ideas. We can create your marketing strategy for next month, map out your aligned client systems, or get clearer on your next steps.


Voxer keeps us in touch between calls, so you don’t have to wait an entire month for feedback or support. This awesome walkie-talkie app is available on mobile and desktop, so you can chat with me wherever you are.

We’ll use Voxer to keep you accountable for the goals and intentions you set as well as for between call support. We all have things that crop up unexpectedly, and Voxer support enables you to tell me all about them and receive feedback and direction.

I’ll also likely give you homework via Voxer – things like journaling, tapping, meditation, etc.


Trello is where we’ll keep track of your progress, tasks, goals, and intentions. It’s our strategic headquarters. You’ll have at least one dedicated Trello board that will include your 6-month marketing strategy.

We’ll use Trello as a map to help you meet your goals and to step into alignment. I’ll be in Trello with you, encouraging you and answering any questions you have about your strategy, tasks, or goals.

This is your invitation to take the road less traveled.

Are you ready? I’d love for you to schedule a free info jam with me. We’ll look at your human design chart and chat about how Embrace the Wild could change your life and your business.

Just click the button below to accept your invite.

Who’s Behind Embrace the Wild?

Hey, intuitive visionary! I’m Ardelia Lee, a business mentor and copywriter for energy-conscious women entrepreneurs who are ready to stop struggling and step into the flow of alignment.

I know what it’s like to struggle, and I also know what it’s like to flow. Believe it or not, I spent the first 3 years of business working out of alignment. They were the most miserable, stressful years of my life.

But then I discovered human design, and all the pieces fell into place. Once I started living according to my strategy, once I began looking at my limiting beliefs and resetting my mindset, magical things started to happen.

Like life and business became easy. They became fun. I felt alive. Things flowed together magically. I stepped into the vision that had been buried in my heart for so long.

I want that for you. I want you to love your life and business even more. I want you to have more fun than you thought was possible. I want you to enjoy the ease that alignment brings.

Who is Embrace the Wild for?

Embrace the Wild is for you if you

Want to live your life from a place of alignment
Want to run your business from a place of alignment
Aren’t afraid of being unconventional
Are willing to do the work to discover what’s aligned and to step into alignment
Are willing to look at limiting beliefs and let them go
Want to receive personalized support and guidance
Are willing to grow, personally and spiritually
Aren’t afraid to be Wild
Are ready to invest in yourself and your business

Embrace the Wild isn’t for you if you

Aren’t willing to discover what’s aligned for you
Aren’t interested in learning more about human design
Want to run your business just like everyone else
Can’t afford the $1,099/month investment
Aren’t ready to receive personalized support

This is your moment to step into complete alignment.

This is your opportunity to receive support and guidance.

This is your invitation to Embrace the Wild.

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